Red Rose Engicon Pvt. Ltd. Patna is the best place for satisfaction when you want to invest in the Top Real Estate Company in Patna.

Plot No. 357, D.D. Complex 2nd Floor, Saguna More, Danapur Cantt., Patna-801503


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About Red Rose Engicon Company

Red Rose Engicon Company emerged as one of the premium new age real estate companies in Patna. In the last five decades since its inception, the company has established itself as a benchmark in the Patna real estate industry. The foundation of the company is based on values, experience and culture, which has its name as one of the most trusted real estate firms in Patna.


By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects of luxury.

The Red Rose Engicon Company has been instrumental in developing a premium real estate with best-in-class technology, materials, and architecture to meet all of your residency.

The rapid expansion of the city and the ever increasing population made Patna a paradise for real estate companies. Over the years a number of new real estate companies started in Patna, which is one of the best cities in the world for real estate companies of Indian and foreign origin. As job opportunities are emerging rapidly in the city, Patna has attracted a large population from all corners of the country.

We understand well that a home is the most important and expensive investment for all of us. It is not just the space around walls and ceilings; It is a place where the family grows with love, affection and care.

With years of experience and a wealth of real estate projects successfully completed in Patna, The Red Rose Engicon Company stands for trust and is among the reputed builders and developers in Patna Bihar. As one of the leading real estate firms in Patna, The Red Rose Engicon Company is dedicated to developing any project with innovation, creativity and best-in-class structural engineering that maximizes comfort and safety.

About Red Rose Engicon - Top Real Estate Company in Patna

We are very strict with our motto, that is, "The details make the difference", so our journey to form a construction company in Patna together speaks much more than all of us at Red Rose Engicon.

Over The Years

At Red Rose Engicon

Our dedicated team of engineers and architects invest a great deal of time to understand your needs and bring your dream home to life. Our transparent and honest work ethic makes us one of the most trusted real estate companies in Patna.