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Services Getting Started in Real Estate Investment

It goes without saying that there are possible advantages and disadvantages to each form of real estate investment, including particular quirks in cash flow cycles and lending traditions. There are guidelines for what is deemed acceptable or natural, so you may want to review possibilities well before you start adding them to your portfolio. Before you dive into the various types of real estate investments that may be available to you, you should know that most real estate investors buy direct investment real estate in their own name. There are a number of reasons, some related to personal property protection.

Commercial Real Estate Development

What is Commercial Real Estate Development?

Usually, the word "development of commercial real estate" refers to the ground-up construction of commercial investment properties rented out to third parties. Commercial real estate contains office buildings, manufacturing parks, shopping centers, and other commercially oriented properties.

Multifamily apartment buildings and condo developments also come within the limits of the growth of commercial real estate development. The development of commercial real estate involves several different strategies for producing investor returns.

A commercial condo developer, for example, could focus on erecting and selling units in a building and moving to the next project, whereas a multi-family apartment developer could be interested in rental apartment development, construction, and leasing. Some developers also work with large industrial concerns, such as General Electric or Dupont, to build manufacturing facilities or office complexes.

Commercial real estate development is the process of constructing a new building for sale or lease starting from raw land: for the purposes of this guide, let's go with a simple definition.


Categories of Real Estate Investments

If you are intent on acquiring development, ownership, or flipping real estate, you can come to a better understanding of what you are facing by dividing the types of real estate into several categories.

1. Residential
2. Commercial
3. Industrial
4. Retail


1. Plots

Residential Plot for sale in Bihta vrindavan vihar,Bihta, Patna

  • Plot Area
  • 600 sq.fts
  • Avg. Price
  • ₹1.20 K/sq.ft
  • Accessible on Bihta Lai Road, Near IIT, Bihta Chowk 3 km, Near SBI Bank Ready to transfer plot.

  • Image


    Residential Plot for sale in Sampatchak Sampatchak, Patna

  • 1702 Square feet In Gopalpur, Patna, plot for sale.
  • This land has a width of 41.0 mt and a length of 41.0 mt.
  • At a price of Rs 15.0 L, this plot is available. Rs 881.0.0 is the average price per sqft. Price.
  • The plot is East facing. The width of the facing road is 12.0 Square feet.
  • Rs 30000 is the brokerage amount to be billed.

  • Image

    3. Plot

    Residential Plot for sale in Paijawa Paijawa, Patna

  • Plot for sale in Paijawa, Patna, 1200 Square Feet.
  • This land has a dimension of 48.0 mt length 24.0 mt width.
  • At a price of Rs 42.0 L, this plot is available. Rs 3.5k is the average price per sqft. is. Price.
  • The amount of brokerage to be paid is Rs 80000.

  • Image

    4. Plot

    Residential Plot for sale in Nayachak East Lakshmi Nagar, Nayachak,Patna

  • 1200 Square feet Plot for sale in Ramkrishan Nagar, Patna.
  • This land has a dimension of 52.0 mt length 23.0 mt width.
  • This Plot is available at a price of Rs 65.0 L. Rs 5.42k is the average price per sqft.Price.
  • Rs 130000 is the brokerage number to be billed.